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Order equipment, installation or repair service from the SatHookup EZ-Service.

Place a small deposit (indicated as the price) to lock in your installation and pay the remainder to the installer after service is complete (the est.price)

1. hd directv 1 room full installation
2. hd directv 2 room complete installation
3. directv single room move
4. hd directv 3 room complete installation
5. standard 1 room directv installation

directv single room move

directv single room move
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SatHookUp will send out a Professional Satellite Installer to move the location of any one (1) room Directv satellite/cable outlet to a new location in your house.
*Does not include Dish or receiver
*Excessive line runs $10-20 extra
*Wall Fish extra
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Don''t know what to order? Know the desired result but don't know how to? Have a friendly SatHookup Installation Specialist help you plan out your project for only $10.

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SatHookup specializes in local satellite tv installation and satellite repair for Dish Network, Directv, and FTA in Los Angeles, California and now Nationwide!