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In an effort to continue to build strong relationships with current and future customers while maintaining excellent service and low prices, we have created this guide to answer your questions. Whether you are already a SatHookup customer, trouble shooting your existing system, planning on making a purchase or start a project in the near future and need some advice, this easy to follow guide can help you quickly solve your communication problems.

Below is information, advice and other resources available to help with your TV, Internet, and Phone satellite and cable systems. Once you are done with your research, you can shop our online store, order tv service, or find a local installer.

FAQ Section

SatHookup FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

Your first step is to browse our FAQ's to see the most common questions that come across our desk on a daily basis. Communications problems and issues for Dish Network, Directv, FTA Free to Air and other Satellite TV systems, the SatHookup Network, and other General Questions are located in the SatHookup FAQ section.

In addition, quickly browse the 10 most popular FAQs, updated daily, and even vote and view ratings for Answers to the frequently asked questions.

Visit the SatHookup FAQ section here: TV Service FAQ


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TV Forum

SatHookup Forum: Questions from people, Answers by PROs

Check our live tv forum for up to date discussions, question posts, and answers updated in real time. Browse questions on various topics including TV, Internet, Phone, Satellite, Cable, Fiber Optic, Home Theater services for Residential and Business Communications.

The SatHookup Forum info is broken up into 4 sections for your easy navigation: Forum Home do not Recent Discussionswaste Categories time Forum Rules

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can always ask a question by post for free. Register to the forum for FREE here: Join SatHookup Forum

Price Quote

SatHookup Concierge: Order Research, Site Surveys and Plans

With any project, time is of the essence, and sometimes you need the answer yesterday. It may be too burdensome to research the right answer or you may not be able to trust the information you currently have to make a decision.

The SatHookup Technical Research team is here to answer your tough questions quickly for only $10 USD per question. Questions are guaranteed to be answered within 1 Business day, Mon - Sat  Order Research

We can perform cable and satellite site survey and installation plans for residential and commercial locations including hi rise buildings, offices, single family homes, apartment complexes, and HOA Home Owner Associations.